Earth To Paris

Amplifying the Global Climate Discussion

photo of Lake Mead courtesy of Daily Overview

This December, world leaders gathered in Paris for COP21 to forge the most ambitious global climate agreement in history — and together, the Earth to Paris community raised our voices to show our support for the deal.

There is reason for celebration. At the COP21 United Nations conference in Paris on Saturday, December 12, officials from nearly 200 countries reached a new agreement to address the threat of global climate change.

The phrase "the world is watching" was used by everyone. The Secretary-General, the hosts, nation states, activists, experts, scientists. They watched because a new reality of digital connectivity and social media and global public engagement made that possible. That is at the heart of the #EarthToParis coalition and what each of you made possible. A connected, social world allowed the entire planet be part of a summit moment, and a Paris discussion.

That unforgettable afternoon was filled with hugs, tears, and standing ovations at Le Bourget as French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius gaveled in the agreement with an appropriately green gavel: “It’s a small gavel, but I think it has a big impact.”

Yet there is still work to be done. We know this agreement alone will not meet the threat of climate change; that will require continued ambitious action from governments, the private sector, and all of us to limit the global rise in temperature and move more rapidly toward a clean energy future with net zero emissions.

But after decades of debate, the battle over the reality of climate change is over. Countries from every region of the world and every stage of development have committed to act because they recognize that it is in their self-interest and in humanity’s common interest.

Thank you for all your efforts and being part of the turning point on climate change.


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